Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So Houghton has this big rock near Gillette that people can spray paint with messages or advertisements or just for fun.  Lots of people think it's ugly and don't like it.  But as of Sunday at midnight, it's looked like this.

Monica (who only took 6 credits this semester) made it, and on Sunday night Adam and I and some other people helped her put it on.  It was so much fun to see people react to it the next day; everyone who walked by was talking about it, some went up close to look at it, and some got their pictures taken with it.  When I got to Painting, people there were discussing it.  And it was all over Facebook, too.  I feel like I know someone famous now!

P. S.  Putting crocheted or knitted things like this in public places is called yarnbombing; it seems like it's pretty popular, although I'd never heard of it before Monica told me.  The Wikipedia article gives a good overview and has some photos, and yarnbombing.com has lots of cool examples.