Friday, October 3, 2014

Our apartment

Here it is, our Victoria home. This is the landlord's entrance; ours is down on the left side.

There's a little entryway when you walk in...

 ...and then straight ahead is the kitchen. I love having a kitchen with a window after not having one in our last two apartments. This kitchen is also a good size, with plenty of counter space and more cabinets than we need at the moment.

The kitchen melds into the dining room (the photo of the kitchen was taken from near the dining room table). The table and chairs we got just happen to be really similar to the set we had in Buffalo.

The backdoor goes to a small backyard. Earlier the landlord had peppers and tomatoes growing in the little garden area on the left.

The dining room opens onto the living room. We keep meaning to put pictures on the walls but haven't gotten to it yet. We love our Craigslist fainting couch and the free armchair we got from a nice older couple who was moving to England.

On the right side of the house is the hallway to the bedrooms. Yay for our own washer and dryer!

Not much in here at the moment. Sadly the air mattress just started leaking so we don't have a bed at the moment--time for more Craigslisting!

This second bedroom is pretty empty except for the desk where I work.

And that's it! We still need a few more pieces of furniture but none of it's urgent (except the bed). We like the place a lot; it's bright with all the windows and the laminate floors are great for allergies (although the downside is that they always seem dirty because they don't absorb the dust and dirt like carpet would; it just sits on top and no matter how often we sweep it always seems to come back right away!). The location is also nice because it's halfway between downtown and the university, and within biking/walking distance of grocery stores, a post office, etc. The landlord doesn't allow pets, though, so we'll have to consider moving eventually, but for now we're happy here.