Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From an e-mail 10/25

Last night i went to bed at 2:30 and didn't get up today till 4; I woke up some on and off and read for like an hour at one point, and then went back to sleep and woke up at 4 and finally got up. i didn't eat till then either. it's weird because i'm not sick, but somehow i just was able to sleep a lot. a lot of people here are sick, though. i hope i don't get it. (Yesterday, the 26, I started to get sick, but today I'm feeling better; I just have a cough.)

i'm going to try to get a job here because i might travel with nora in europe after her east meets west program. i e-mailed someone about a cleaning job in gillette, but i haven't heard back yet.

yesterday i went to the zoo for conservation biology. our prof. assigned us a few questions to think about/things to look out for, but that was the only school-like thing we had to do, so basically it was just a fun trip to the zoo.

jaela's parents were visiting over the weekend and staying at a cottage nearby, and on friday night jaela, alexa and i went there for dinner, and on saturday night us and a bunch of other girls went there to play games. it was really fun. we played one game where you have to stand on one leg and bend down and try to pick up a paper bag in your mouth, and every round you cut off the top of the bag, so it keeps getting shorter. once i got the hang of it it wasn't too hard, but when it got really short i couldn't do it. today my leg is sore!

soon we have to do course selection for next semester; it's weird to be thinking about next year already. it's also weird that thanksgiving break is in a month. i'm so excited to actually go home and to go to boston and see everyone!

Monday, October 5, 2009

For Uncle Mark ;)

This weekend I went to the homecoming dance. At first I didn't like it because I felt silly all dressed up and I was bored, but then I danced with Dan and Steve, and that was fun. On Saturday there was a London reunion on at one of the girl's flats; the TAs were there, back to visit for homecoming. That evening there was Spot, the big talent show, which was really good. I saw the Kahlers before that and ate dinner with them. Yesterday Liz, Jaela, Alexa, Liz's roommate Alissa and I went to Letchworth for a few hours. We went up on the railroad bridge, but we weren't supposed to (although there were lots of other people up there) and a security guy came up and kicked everyone off. It was cool, though. We also walked in the woods and sat and read while Liz played her guitar.

Studying for tests . . . When the prof. gives a review sheet then I know what to study, but when they give no guidelines I just read my notes and hope I'll remember what's on the test. Cons. Bio was this morning; some stuff I remembered, some I didn't. On Friday I have a test for Intro to Christ, but we have a review sheet for that one.

Basically, life here is going well. I am definitely looking forward to October break in two weekends, though.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another e-mail excerpt

I have my first long paper due on the 2nd; it's for Literary Nonfiction and is to be on a writer or piece of writing and basically your interactions with them/it. I have to know what I'm going to write about by tomorrow, and I still have no idea . . .

We got our group project for that class back (the end result was a several-page document) and we did kind of badly. It hadn't been proofread very well and some people had had bad grammar and used sentence fragments, and he said it wasn't put together well. That made me more annoyed about it because if I had done it myself I wouldn't have had any of those problems.

This past weekend Jaela and I went to the Civil War weekend in Angelica, which was fun. It was kind of like heritage days with lots of tents set up and people at them showing/selling different things. It was nice to get off campus. Also this weekend I watched a movie with a bunch of people outside at night; the movie was Signs, and there's a creepy cornfield in it, so we watched it right next to a cornfield. It was scary and fun, and freezing cold.

The writing festival was last week; they had writing festival chapels which I went to, and I went to one of the other events. The one I wanted to go to was the readings, but I couldn't because I had class. The thing is it's so dependent on what writers they have and what genres they write, and I wasn't super interested in any of them, so although it was good it wasn't that relevant to me personally. For Literary Nonfiction we were assigned to go to some of the events, so I would have gone to the readings if I could, because out of all the events that was the one I was most interested in; my professor for that class was reading (he writes poetry).

I got one of my papers back today (from the fantasy class), just a short one-page one, and I got an A. I didn't think it was that good, so I was happy.

We're reading John Muir for bio; I remember learning about him in homeschooling a long time ago. I like his writing; it's usually pretty interesting, although sometimes his descriptions of trees and plants get a little long.

On Friday there's the first Lanthorn meeting. The current editor is a senior, so next year I might apply to be editor. I think it would be really fun.

Adam wrote an article for the school paper on the new 4-credit system and quoted me in it. It's going to come out on Friday. It's not that big a deal, but I think it's cool.

Today was rock climbing class again. I've definitely retained some of my skills, because I can still figure things out and do most of the routes fairly easily.

This is really random and snippety. I'm curious--does anyone actually read this anymore besides my immediate family? Let me know if you do, please, so I know that it's worth it to post!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I haven't been posting . . .

Sorry. Not much is really going on here yet. It's been great to see friends again, and I'm enjoying the academic aspect for the most part. Here's part of an e-mail I wrote to my mom:

Right now in Literary Non-Fiction we're doing a group project where we read an article the prof. gave us and then had to look up and compile background info on the author, information on the other authors he mentioned, and stuff about the historical events he mentioned. I found I really don't like working with other people on something like that; it's way easier when it's completely up to me what I do and how. Although, Adam and I are going to work together on a presentation for the fantasy class, but I'll like that better because it's just one other person who I know, and it will be less stressful presenting in front of the class with Adam up there as well.

I stayed up late a few times this week, but last night I was asleep by 11:30. This weekend Jaela and Alexa went to Alexa's house, so I had the room to myself, which was nice. On Friday I watched a movie with some other London girls, and a few of us stayed up till 1 talking about London and telling travel-afterward stories. On Saturday my floor went to Letchworth; it wasn't a very nice day, so we didn't really do much, just had a picnic and talked. That evening Adam and Eri and I hung out in my room until Adam got kicked out, then we went to the basement of the campus center and hung out there. Adam and I haven't been playing chess as much, just once a day recently or less. I'm up by 6 now.

School is going well; homework remains easy, and I'm getting it all done in plenty of time. Tomorrow I'm not going to have much at all to do, since I did most of Wednesday's reading today.

I didn't say this to mom because I forgot, but last week we had our first rock climbing class where we actually got to climb, and that was all we did; the guy filling in for the usual teacher (who's away, in Alaska!) basically said, "Go boulder," so we did. It was a really fun class. That's definitely going to be the easiest.

I like Conservation Bio as well. It's not a typical bio class at all, which I'm really happy about; we've been learning about people like Carl Linnaeus and John Muir, and our lab last Thursday was to go out and count as many different species as we could. There are so many different plants around Houghton! We had to write a short paper about it, and today in class the prof. read parts of some people's, including mine and Dan's. That was fun.

So I'm really enjoying being back at Houghton. There are some things I don't like, but I'm not going to start complaining now. I'll probably continue to post sporadically as the mood strikes, or as interesting things happen. I guess that's it for now.

P.S. You can see pictures of my new room on my facebook; there's a link on the left.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Next semester

I'll be back at Houghton and back on here for the upcoming fall semester. Classes start August 31st. My schedule:

Conservation Biology MWF 9:00-9:50
Literary Voices: Fantastic Truths (an English class on fantasy novels!) MWF 11:05-12:10
Introduction to Christianity MWF 12:30-1:35
Literary Nonfiction (essay writing) MWF 1:40-2:45
Rock Climbing W 3-4:50
Conservation Biology lab R 2-4:50

So, as you can see, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are going to be crazy (especially Wed.); fortunately those two classes that I only have five minutes between are in the same building! It will be nice, though, to have nothing on Tuesday, and only that lab on Thursday. I'm really looking forward to the English class and rock climbing; not so sure about bio and the essay class, but I'll just have to see how it goes.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My London blog

I started a second blog just for London, and originally I was just going to post all those posts over here also, but it makes more sense and will be easier to just send you all over there. It's http://threemonthsinlondon.blogspot.com/. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting ready for London

I've been shopping . . . and shopping . . . and shopping some more. And soon I'll have to start packing. Fun fun. Since I don't actually have much to say, I thought I'd give you all an overview of what exactly the London Honors Program is.

According to Houghton's website . . .
"Houghton College's London Honors Program combines an integrated curriculum with a European experience. This course of study in the spring semester for selected first-year students merges a traditional humanities curriculum with the opportunity to study in London. Combining history, literature, philosophy and the fine arts, this curriculum is a connected narrative of western ideas and culture from the ancient Greeks through the 20th century, affording students a thorough preparation for more advanced study."

In other words, lots of work but also lots of fun! A five-page paper due every week, three-hour lectures, tons of reading, museum visits, trips to the theater . . . For more info, visit http://www.houghton.edu/admission/fyhp/london_honors/. And you'll certainly learn all the details once I get there!