Monday, October 5, 2009

For Uncle Mark ;)

This weekend I went to the homecoming dance. At first I didn't like it because I felt silly all dressed up and I was bored, but then I danced with Dan and Steve, and that was fun. On Saturday there was a London reunion on at one of the girl's flats; the TAs were there, back to visit for homecoming. That evening there was Spot, the big talent show, which was really good. I saw the Kahlers before that and ate dinner with them. Yesterday Liz, Jaela, Alexa, Liz's roommate Alissa and I went to Letchworth for a few hours. We went up on the railroad bridge, but we weren't supposed to (although there were lots of other people up there) and a security guy came up and kicked everyone off. It was cool, though. We also walked in the woods and sat and read while Liz played her guitar.

Studying for tests . . . When the prof. gives a review sheet then I know what to study, but when they give no guidelines I just read my notes and hope I'll remember what's on the test. Cons. Bio was this morning; some stuff I remembered, some I didn't. On Friday I have a test for Intro to Christ, but we have a review sheet for that one.

Basically, life here is going well. I am definitely looking forward to October break in two weekends, though.


  1. Because in the last post I asked who actually reads this (besides you guys) and Uncle Mark was the only one who said he did.