Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From an e-mail 10/25

Last night i went to bed at 2:30 and didn't get up today till 4; I woke up some on and off and read for like an hour at one point, and then went back to sleep and woke up at 4 and finally got up. i didn't eat till then either. it's weird because i'm not sick, but somehow i just was able to sleep a lot. a lot of people here are sick, though. i hope i don't get it. (Yesterday, the 26, I started to get sick, but today I'm feeling better; I just have a cough.)

i'm going to try to get a job here because i might travel with nora in europe after her east meets west program. i e-mailed someone about a cleaning job in gillette, but i haven't heard back yet.

yesterday i went to the zoo for conservation biology. our prof. assigned us a few questions to think about/things to look out for, but that was the only school-like thing we had to do, so basically it was just a fun trip to the zoo.

jaela's parents were visiting over the weekend and staying at a cottage nearby, and on friday night jaela, alexa and i went there for dinner, and on saturday night us and a bunch of other girls went there to play games. it was really fun. we played one game where you have to stand on one leg and bend down and try to pick up a paper bag in your mouth, and every round you cut off the top of the bag, so it keeps getting shorter. once i got the hang of it it wasn't too hard, but when it got really short i couldn't do it. today my leg is sore!

soon we have to do course selection for next semester; it's weird to be thinking about next year already. it's also weird that thanksgiving break is in a month. i'm so excited to actually go home and to go to boston and see everyone!

Monday, October 5, 2009

For Uncle Mark ;)

This weekend I went to the homecoming dance. At first I didn't like it because I felt silly all dressed up and I was bored, but then I danced with Dan and Steve, and that was fun. On Saturday there was a London reunion on at one of the girl's flats; the TAs were there, back to visit for homecoming. That evening there was Spot, the big talent show, which was really good. I saw the Kahlers before that and ate dinner with them. Yesterday Liz, Jaela, Alexa, Liz's roommate Alissa and I went to Letchworth for a few hours. We went up on the railroad bridge, but we weren't supposed to (although there were lots of other people up there) and a security guy came up and kicked everyone off. It was cool, though. We also walked in the woods and sat and read while Liz played her guitar.

Studying for tests . . . When the prof. gives a review sheet then I know what to study, but when they give no guidelines I just read my notes and hope I'll remember what's on the test. Cons. Bio was this morning; some stuff I remembered, some I didn't. On Friday I have a test for Intro to Christ, but we have a review sheet for that one.

Basically, life here is going well. I am definitely looking forward to October break in two weekends, though.