Monday, September 14, 2009

I haven't been posting . . .

Sorry. Not much is really going on here yet. It's been great to see friends again, and I'm enjoying the academic aspect for the most part. Here's part of an e-mail I wrote to my mom:

Right now in Literary Non-Fiction we're doing a group project where we read an article the prof. gave us and then had to look up and compile background info on the author, information on the other authors he mentioned, and stuff about the historical events he mentioned. I found I really don't like working with other people on something like that; it's way easier when it's completely up to me what I do and how. Although, Adam and I are going to work together on a presentation for the fantasy class, but I'll like that better because it's just one other person who I know, and it will be less stressful presenting in front of the class with Adam up there as well.

I stayed up late a few times this week, but last night I was asleep by 11:30. This weekend Jaela and Alexa went to Alexa's house, so I had the room to myself, which was nice. On Friday I watched a movie with some other London girls, and a few of us stayed up till 1 talking about London and telling travel-afterward stories. On Saturday my floor went to Letchworth; it wasn't a very nice day, so we didn't really do much, just had a picnic and talked. That evening Adam and Eri and I hung out in my room until Adam got kicked out, then we went to the basement of the campus center and hung out there. Adam and I haven't been playing chess as much, just once a day recently or less. I'm up by 6 now.

School is going well; homework remains easy, and I'm getting it all done in plenty of time. Tomorrow I'm not going to have much at all to do, since I did most of Wednesday's reading today.

I didn't say this to mom because I forgot, but last week we had our first rock climbing class where we actually got to climb, and that was all we did; the guy filling in for the usual teacher (who's away, in Alaska!) basically said, "Go boulder," so we did. It was a really fun class. That's definitely going to be the easiest.

I like Conservation Bio as well. It's not a typical bio class at all, which I'm really happy about; we've been learning about people like Carl Linnaeus and John Muir, and our lab last Thursday was to go out and count as many different species as we could. There are so many different plants around Houghton! We had to write a short paper about it, and today in class the prof. read parts of some people's, including mine and Dan's. That was fun.

So I'm really enjoying being back at Houghton. There are some things I don't like, but I'm not going to start complaining now. I'll probably continue to post sporadically as the mood strikes, or as interesting things happen. I guess that's it for now.

P.S. You can see pictures of my new room on my facebook; there's a link on the left.


  1. Finally!! ;)
    Sounds like you're having fun. Oh, and I'll reply to your e-mail soon; I've been rather busy.
    This Sunday C$ is going climbing at the rock!

  2. Tab, how good were you at rock climbing? My class starts in October so you might get better at rock climbing than me!

  3. I'm okay at it; I impress people in the class who haven't climbed much before, lol. After the second time I was sore. So far we've just bouldered, and they don't have a lot of routes, so it's hard to judge how good I am. Maybe I will get better than you though. ;)