Monday, October 18, 2010


Should I post on this blog?  Does anyone read it?  I haven't been keeping up with it, but I could; it wouldn't really be worth it, though, if no one's reading.


  1. I read it! And it's always cool to hear about what's going on in the life of Tab...

  2. I read it and would miss it if you stopped.

  3. well, i dont read it anymore cuz you never post. but if you did i would read it.

  4. Mary--hehe!

    And Tab, here's a poem that you might like. I would have posted it at your especial poetry blog, but didn't know if you still read that or not. It's by Rabindranath Tagore.

    The Beginning

    "Where have I come from, where did you pick me up?" the baby asked
    its mother.
    She answered, half crying, half laughing, and clasping the
    baby to her breast-
    "You were hidden in my heart as its desire, my darling.
    You were in the dolls of my childhood's games; and when with
    clay I made the image of my god every morning, I made the unmade
    you then.
    You were enshrined with our household deity, in his worship
    I worshipped you.
    In all my hopes and my loves, in my life, in the life of my
    mother you have lived.
    In the lap of the deathless Spirit who rules our home you have
    been nursed for ages.
    When in girlhood my heart was opening its petals, you hovered
    as a fragrance about it.
    Your tender softness bloomed in my youthful limbs, like a glow
    in the sky before the sunrise.
    Heaven's first darling, twain-born with the morning light, you
    have floated down the stream of the world's life, and at last you
    have stranded on my heart.
    As I gaze on your face, mystery overwhelms me; you who belong
    to all have become mine.
    For fear of losing you I hold you tight to my breast. What
    magic has snared the world's treasure in these slender arms of

  5. and you already have my comments that yes, I do read it