Sunday, February 19, 2012

I made a chair

I started with a blank page in Adobe Illustrator, and ended up with this.  It's really basic and could be better, but I'm still pretty proud.  It was just so satisfying to figure out how to use the program to create something that actually looks like what it was supposed to.  This was for a Graphic Design assignment; we drew illustrations to go along with a poem.  I intend to put the entire finished thing on Facebook, if I can figure out how to convert the file to a format I can upload.


  1. Hey, we need a new chair for the living room. This one looks perfect!

  2. Cool! Did you do this with the pen tool (I can't use the pen tool, it's too hard :P )?

  3. I did the legs with the pen tool, but the rest was just shapes put together. When the prof. showed us the pen tool it looked really confusing, so I didn't even try it for a while.