Saturday, October 25, 2008

Simplicity Initiative phase two

The second part of the Simplicity Initiative is a consumer fast. Quoting the sheet they handed out, "We want to say to the Lord together, 'Lord, you are more important to me than the things I consume.' We set these things aside in order to worship more fully and think of others before ourselves specifically during the advent season."

We will:
1. Not purchase anything unnecessary, excepting things that are used for spending time with others (going to a concert with a friend, gettting together for coffee)
2. Take time to consider where we should really be directing our resources and pay special attention to giving to others (not just monetarily)
3. Refrain from time spent shopping or looking for items to purchase
4. Think creatively and give meaningfully this Christmas; buying presents is okay, but giving of your time or making something yourself would be better

Already I've struggled with this; I wanted to get something for myself at the coffee shop, but how could I spend 3 dollars on a drink when I could have tea back at the dorm without spending any money? I'm not sure what I'll do about Christmas presents--the only crafty thing I do is hemp necklaces, and not all my friends would wear them, and I've already given them to family members. I still have several months to come up with something, though.

Anyway, I think this is a really good idea, and I'm going to stick with it as much as possible!


  1. Well, you're in the right place heart-wise Tabitha! I too have been thinking about this lately. It's a great idea; kind of like going on a luxury fast.
    As for Christmas presents without buying, I have something I try to do regularly and at specifically for Christmas: letters to each one of my family members.
    I know -you might do this already- but a well thought out, sum-up-the-year, "here is why I love you" letter always makes anyone I give mine to very happy. :)
    Plus, letters are usually kept much longer than most 'regular' presents and it would cost you nothing! Aha. Though it's doesn't count for a material gift, it'll count any way.

    Hope that helps--
    Hannah :)

  2. how about using the talent you have in writing an amusing story for people--either individualized or one per family/friend group?