Monday, April 30, 2012

Digital Imaging final project

Can you tell I don't have much left to do?  Two posts in one day!  I'm done with my final projects for Graphic Design and Digital Imaging, so I just have to finish my final painting and do a little studying for the Backpacking final (which is on Thursday, when the painting is due).  Today was the last day of classes, so tomorrow and Wednesday I'll pretty much just be painting... after getting up at noon, of course.

This is my final project for Digital Imaging, a series of two animated gifs that have some point/purpose and/or make people think.  The subject I chose is short-term missions, specifically what's wrong with them; not that I condemn short-term missions or think they're bad or unhelpful, I've just wondered before if they're the most effective means of helping people.  I had also recently read an article pointing out some of their flaws, so that was in my mind when we got assigned this project.

(click to view larger and with better quality)


  1. Cool. What programs did you use for the animation?

  2. It was just Adobe Photoshop; I had no idea you could use it for animation until this project!

  3. You should watch this: