Monday, April 30, 2012

Job interview!

Yup, I have one, on May 7th at 3pm.  My first ever real job interview!  Here's a condensed version of the job description:

"We seek to hire a Houghton graduate as a full time paralegal.  We mostly represent people in the Information Technology field who are entering the U.S. for temporary or permanent employment.  We are looking for someone with strong organizational skills who can take the information (often in highly technical language) provided by our clients and put it into a format that is understandable by the adjudicators making the decision. Your work will be the crucial factor in the adjudicator’s decision as to whether to grant the benefit or not.

You need to have solid creative writing ability. What you will be doing is taking a client’s background information and writing his or her story in a way that proves that our client is qualified.  Some cases are formulaic and do not require a great deal of thought, but others will require that you use your creative juices to make an argument as to why the benefit should be granted.

It will take us awhile to train you, so we are looking for someone who can commit to at least a couple of years, but we hope that you decide that you like the career and will stick around much longer.  We limit our search to Houghton graduates because we want someone who has met the rigorous educational challenge Houghton offers, and we want someone who will fit into our office with enough ego to accept a challenge, but not so much that it would upset the harmony of the office. We have worked very hard to make sure the office is a pleasant place to work with people who respect each other and like each other."

So yeah, not the kind of thing I would seek out at all, but my advisor sent it to me, and some of the other English and Writing majors, and I figured I might as well apply since it does sound like it could be a good fit for me and they're only looking for Houghton grads.  I'm nervous about the interview, though; I don't think I even have anything suitable to wear.  And it's in just a week!  But one of my housemates actually already interviewed for the job, so I can ask her for tips.  It's weird, when I think about it, that we're competing, but we haven't talked about that at all, just discussed the job itself and tried to help each other with the application and stuff.  And neither of us is certain we want to do it, either, it just made sense to both of us to apply.  Anyway... exciting!  (And scary...)

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  1. Sounds exciting! Let me know how it goes :)